Radio Ibo

Radio Ibo

Although Radio Ibo is not a 24 hours streaming radio station broadcasting from Haiti, but people can listened to them at the most hours of the day. Radio Ibo only broadcasts at the peak hours of the day with the help and advise from their listeners. Most of the time they broadcasts local music and traditional ones, which is the main focus of their programmings.

One of Haiti’s musical traditions is known to outsiders simply as compas. But in the non-standardized Creole (kreyòl), Haitians identify it variously as compa, conpa, and konpa-dirék.Regardless of its various spellings, compas refers to a complex, ever-changing music genre that fuses African rhythms, European ballroom dancing, and Haitian bourgeois aesthetics. The word may have derived from the Spanish compás, which relates to the musical rhythm of the “beat” or “pulse.” One of the most distinctive features of Haitian compas music is the steady, pulsing drum beat, which makes it easy to dance to.

Haïti Chérie is a traditional patriotic and most recognizable song of Haiti that was written and composed by Dr. Othello Bayard de Cayes and was initially called Souvenir d’Haiti. It represents the pride Haitian people feel for their country and culture.

Radio Information:

Location: Saint Marc, Haiti

Language: English

Genres: Music, Pop

Web Site: www.radioibo.net