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Radio Lumiere international:

Radio Lumiere international brings for you free Haiti internet radio 24/7. Most popular music categories are included and more and more are added regularly. Radio Lumiere International, which is also known radio station that broadcasts to several locations in the Caribbean. As of this writing, it is one of the most popular radio stations in the country and has a large listenership. This popularity has translated into a large following of fans who are interested in the music of Haiti and interested in reaching out to this unique music. The station offers a variety of musical performances by local and international artists as well as music that have been especially for the Caribbean.

Radio Lumiere International has offered music of Haiti and its people on this popular satellite radio station. While some of the music may be familiar to listeners, it is important to note that the majority of the music is new or unheard by those who do not regularly listen to radio shows. The goal is to bring the culture and music of Haiti to those who are willing to listen and offer an ear to the music of Haiti. One of the ways that this goal is met is through the selection of songs specifically for the Caribbean area where the station operates. Songs that would be interesting and popular for local listeners are chosen to be played on the air.

Lumiere International is committed to using its station to bring together those from different areas and cultures to share information about their common interests. Radio Lumiere is making an important impact on music and communication in the region.

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