TIC TAC ESTEREO live broadcasting from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They are Playing variety music. They give you sounds like no-one else can. TIC TAC ESTEREO broadcasts to the greater Tegucigalpa, Honduras area and beyond. TIC TAC ESTEREO is one of the most famous online radio station on Honduras.

With a fresh, dynamic, agile and absolutely youth programming, “TIC TAC ESTEREO” touch your auditory senses, thanks to the newest and youth concepts to satisfy a demanding audience like you ..With maximum power and a unique sound that characterizes it, “ESTEREO TIC TAC” reaches its public of 15 and older and socio economic levels A, B, and C. Thanks to its solid programming that is continually evolving, according to the demands of every day, has been occupying the top musical venues during the last 20 years so that now occupies a privileged place between the stations of youth music in Tegucigalpa and La South Central area of the country, impacting his audience with great success.

TIC TAC ESTEREO” has remained at the forefront thanks to the creativity of a team of people who maintain a criterion of evolution, according to the needs and concerns of its young and modern auditorium. TIC TAC ESTEREO” conveys the most current pop, hip hop, Rap, Dance Hall Urban Music, Billboard, ballads, rock in English and Spanish and the newest musicale trends, information, interviews with the big stars, the national Acontecer the most impressive combined concerts with programs content, creating a flexible station that meets the tastes and needs of the public. TIC TAC ESTEREO” is a vanguard station, for his endless creativity and style, which strongly influences the habits of the young audience, which is fully identified with a radio concept that expresses his personality.

 Radio Information:
 Location: Honduras  Language: English
 Genres: Variety  WebSite: www.circuitopop.com