Radio Tondar

Radio Tondar

Radio Tondar is the voice of the Kingdom assembly of Iran, a political news source made available by the people of Iran for our activists and freedom fighters all around the world. Daily news are received directly from our sources in Iran, and broadcasted through our Radio station, website, facebook page. and mailing list Radio Tondar.

The Kingdom Assembly of Iran (Anjomane Padeshahye Iran) and the Tondar movements are the current strongest forces in the fight against the terrorist Islamic Regime of Iran. Our mission is to completely replace this inhumane regime and establish a secular government that enforces human rights, liberty, and equality for all Iranian people. Our mission is to support and voice and the movement of activists predominantly inside Iran with the ultimate goal to overthrow the terrorist Islamic regime.

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Radio Information:

Location: Iran

Language: Persian

Genres: Music, Pop, Talk

Website: tondar.org