RAI Radio 2

RAI Radio 2

RAI Radio 2 live broadcasting from Italy. The broadcast various kind of pop, rock, talk, culture, dance, electronic etc. It is one of the most famous online radio station in Italy.

RAI Radio 2 is an Italian radio channel worked by the state-possessed open television association Rai and work in talk programmes and prevalent music. The birthplaces of the channel might be followed once more to 21 March 1938, when the Eiar – which was to end up RAI Radio 2 Italiane (Rai) in 1944 – started transmitting a second, independently customized radio administration in major urban communities. Emulating the finish of World War Ii and remaking and change of the surviving transmitter arrange, radio television was redesigned (with impact from 3 November 1946) to give two national stations blanket the greater part of the nation. RAI Radio 2 was reputed to be the Rete Rossa (red system) and the second as the Rete Azzura (blue organize). These names were decided to suggest that, while at any one opportunity they each one gave a differentiating style of program offering to the next, every divert was ostensibly equivalent in.

The origins of the channel can be traced back to 21 March 1938, when the EIAR – which was to become Radio Audizioni Italiane (RAI) in 1944 – began transmitting a second, separately programmed radio service in major cities.

Following the end of World War II and reconstruction and improvement of the surviving transmitter network, radio broadcasting was reorganized (with effect from 3 November 1946) to provide two national channels covering most of the country. The first channel was known as the Rete Rossa (red network) and the second as the Rete Azzurra (blue network). These “neutral” names were chosen to imply that, while at any one time each channel aimed to provide programming of a contrasting style to that available on the other, the two channels were nominally equal in status and had an equally wide-ranging remit.

On 1 January 1952, as part of a move aimed at giving each of its channels a more distinctive “personality” – a cultural Terzo Programma (third programme) having already been added on 1 October 1950 – RAI renamed the Rete Azzurra as the Secondo Programma (second programme), later to become RAI Radio 2.

Rai Radio 2 is among the highest-rated Italian radio stations in terms of audience share[citation needed].

Viva Radio2 has been one of the most famous and successful programs of the channel, it was hosted by the popular comedian and TV/radio personality Fiorello, together with Marco Baldini.

The most popular shows are Il Ruggiero del Coniglio, Caterpillar and 610.

Radio 2, like its sister channels Radio 1 and Radio 3, has its own radio news service (Giornale Radio), known as GR2.

 Radio Information:
 Location: Italy  Language: Italian
 Genres: Hits, Pop, Talk  WebSite: www.radio2.rai.it

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Radio2Rai/

Twitter: RAI Radio 2