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Pondends Radio Live to broadcast from Jamaica. As well as, Ponding Internet Radio is the largest radio in the country which is a class dance hall.

Best of R and B music. This is the radio that is broadcast by the radio. And they are the world’s largest dance music-based radio station from Jamaica. After all, Get some good dance genre-based music experience.

Ponds Internet Radio is a great choice. Since the beginning of the twentieth century. All in all, Jamaica has produced many notable jazz musicians.

Pondends Radio in addition info:

In this development, the enlightened policy of the Alpha Boys School in Kingston. Which is training in music education for his students.

And provided encouragement, was very influential. Also significant was the tradition of the island’s brass bands. Which is the work of musical instruments in a military context.

And was strengthened by training opportunities. However, playing jazz in Jamaica results in limited career opportunities. All in all, Many local jazz musicians left the island and settled in London or the United States.

As a matter of fact, Ska is a musical genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s. And it was the forerunner of rocksteady and reggae. As well as, Caribbean Mento and Calypso American Jazz. And ska combined elements with rhythm and blues.

“If you can’t share it with others. What’s the point of having so much great music?” That was the motto of Ponds.

But they have learned that people don’t want their Pondends Radio just for themselves. All in all, Instead, many of them are Skype messaging friends or family members.

The app shares songs by artists like Beyonc and Ed Sheeran. Enjoyed listening together. To do a show where everyone will enjoy themselves. And learn something new at once. In addition, both sides are getting sick.

We are through the Spotify playlist. As a matter of fact, Decided to make our station available online 24/7.

At first, it was a pipe dream. But then the digital age began. And Pondends Radio comes into existence.

All in all, Delightfully different music with over 100 channels. To explore this vast beautiful world. As well as, Finding your favorite tunes has never been easy or fun.


Beat the latest music directly to your ears. And imagine hearing the news. This is what Ponds distribute Pondends Radio. Without interruption! Every day they hit new hits from all over the world. And plays a mix of some old songs.

But only goodies for good measurement.  If everything is set for a nice background soundbite. You can’t stop listening either.

Pondends Radio is a weekly podcast that discusses the latest technological innovations. The show was created by entrepreneur and computer science student Pat Precious Lohman.

Who has been in production since launching it three years ago? An active member of our community. As well as, Broadcast every Friday from 8-10 pm EST. But you can listen at any time.

By listening to Pondends Radio you finally. Can come out of that puzzle. The music at this station is just the thing for any mood. And for our new Internet-based technology. It is available at your fingertips.

Pondends Radio is a radio station in Jamaica. Which is the best dance, R and B broadcast music. It is all within just two stations in Jamaica.

About- Pondends Radio

One is where they are allowed to broadcast unauthorize programming. After all, outside of their respective licensed areas. The other is Pirates Bay 101 FM which is looking for more native words. There is a great variety for them!

At this presented, Ponding is more authentic Jamaican sound than Pondends Radio. There is no better way to gain experience. It is a radio station that the locals. Began to create an outlet for their culture and music.

Which is now the most-heard dance outside his homeland. All in all, Has become an R&B station. All in all, Jamaica has always been a center of culture, music, and dance. For many years now there has been a radio station in particular.

Which represents all of this: Pondends Radio thinking. This award-winning organization broadcasts from island countries.

Which is without classically written R&B songs. After all, Gives you an entertainment day. Or night Featuring artists like Shawn Paul (just to name one).

Let the classic hit spin during your morning commute. Or dancing under the stars by candlelight in the middle of the night – they’ve got something perfect.

Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: Jamaica

Language: English

Genres: Dance, R&B

Website: www.pondends.com

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