Rotana Radio Jordan

Rotana Radio Jordan:

At this present time, Live on Amman’s Rotan Radio Jordan Jordan broadcast. This is published primarily by rotation records. All in all, Playing different styles of special music.

Additionaly, News and educational updates, talk shows, etc. After that  24/7. It uses Arabic as its official language. Rotana Radio is one of the most popular online radio stations in Jordan.

The most popular and popular Jordanian online radio stations. As well as,  Rotana Radio Broadcasting 24/7 different styles. They represent that label. Arabic is used as their official language.

Rotan Radio Jordan in addition info:

After all, Caused by a problem or delay of the people of the world. Its high-quality audio transmission is due to problems or delays. Similar to YouTube Live Stream. All in all, Websites provide a constant need.

In recent years of thunder. This is not an online license but it is not a 1 W FM frequency license from Amman (major). About all this, Special music release. Only those who are found separate from the wind waves.

After that, Rotan Radio Record radio station offers a wide variety of music styles for the audience. They are the ones who publish the most. Uses news updates and educational programs, discussion shows, etc 24/7 Arabic.

As a matter of fact, Using their official languages. Through this online Jordan streaming channel. With over 2 million searches on social media accounts. It is the most famous place in the world.

One of Jordan’s most popular online radio stations. Rotan RadioJourney Music and News 24/7. All in all, Arabic is used as its official language. Although especially on this channel. As well as, Not like the different types of R&B or Rap songs.

There are a number of people in the capital-Amman. 31% of the population lives in Jordan. They can live anywhere in the borders of their country.


All in all, During Prime Time Slots, flights are broadcast 12 hours a day. You are not sure there is no obstacle. Rotan Radio is one of Jordan’s most popular online radio stations. After This is basically an Arab Pop Music, Best of the Ancients.

He also played different styles as an international artist. With RAPLIST to love songs from love songs.

As an added bonus you are on 24/7 or Android devices on its website. After all, Apes (Google Play Store) and apps for iPhone users. You can listen live via (iTunes App Store).

All in all, Rotan Radio Jordan is a radio station. At least, Broadcast from Amman of Jordan. It basically considers the various components of special music published by Rotana Records and Aires.

At this present time to, Amman Hot New Radio Station Rotan Radio Jordan. after that, With a special music playlist from their label.

And news updates to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening around the world. After that, There is something about this online stream. These are the only things you can say in Arabic here at Rotan Radio jordanonCom.

As well as, Rotan Radio Jordan is an online radio station. Overall, Broadcast in the Jordan capital Amman. All in all, Rotan records play a wide variety of different genres like pop and rock songs.

After that, Or Michael Jackson and other artists Tina Turner etc. As a matter o f fact, Like circulating records other artists include international stars or other artists.

After all, Usually within the Middle East community within the community. All in all, Talk about relevant topics with relevant topics.

As soon as the shows show are followed by segments. Rotan Radio  Sometimes listening to studio audiences outside of Arabia. Includes live phone calls.

After that, This network is the most popular program in 9 UAEA. It is held every Sunday morning. When different guests debated the hot news each week.

Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: Jordan

Language: Arabic

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Pop, Top 40

Website: www.rotanaradio.jo/index.php