Onex FM

Onex FM

Onex FM is an Internet Radio station broadcasting from Mauritius, providing programs with a musical and cultural dominance in Tamil. Onex FM is the No 1 Tamil Radio In Mauritius with a High Quality Sound radio station. Live shows are done by DJ’s & RJ.Hear the quality digital sound only on ONEX FM, a dedicated Tamil Radio Station. To entertain the Tamil listeners all over the world.

Being born in a country of rich cultural beliefs and diversity, it has always been my aspiration to preserve that treasure. A modest knock on my mind Onex FM, an online Tamil radio, was born in July 2011 where with a single click we are all connected; the idea behind this is to enable Mauritians overseas to stay connected and be in touch with happenings in Mauritius – an opportunity for them to feel closer to their Motherland.  Onex FM has been warmly welcomed in people’s home; a successful uptake that reinforced my desire to go further.Over the years, this dream has evolved into a set of programs that aim to re-ignite our Mauritian culture, such as Onex FM (the first 100% Tamil radio in Mauritius), Miss Tamil Mauritius (MTM), the Annual Rally for the Tamil New Year (from Plaza to Mt Choisy beach), the big Cleaning of the “Cimetière Tamoule”, a Day at the Orphanage andContribution during the Flash Flood in March 2013, amongst other things. Miss Tamil Mauritius (MTM) Contest has been one of my dreams come true, a dream that started in April 2012 and has now been going for four consecutive years.

I feel grateful for what I have learnt from our Mauritian heritage, and am passionate to keep this treasure going and pass it on to the next generation.  I stand in front of you today, as a man who has made mistakes but who learnt from them, as a man who faced the struggles of life but did not give up, as a man who carried on with the grace of God.  My faith in God has been the burning lamp that brings light to the darkness, a light that is not my own but a gift of God – a gift that I aspire to share with others through the initiatives presented therein. With this aspiration in my heart, it is with great honour and pride that I continue to serve the Mauritian community, by helping to preserve the Tamilian Culture and predominantly by reaching out to others in the community.

Radio Information:

Location: Mauritius

Language: English

Genres: Hits, Tamil

Website: www.onexfm.com