R1.mu is one of the most famous online radio station on Mauritius. Filled with all the latest news feeds from the musical world of Mauritius as well as from around the globe, R1.mu works as a platform for full entertainment as the same time behave like infotainment media. R1.mu listeners number is growing day by day, they are getting better each day.

The music of Mauritius is known for sega music, alongside the nearby Réunion island, though reggae, zouk, soukous and other genres are also popular. Well-known traditional sega singers from Mauritius include Ti Frére, Marlene Ravaton, Serge Lebrasse, Michel Legris. and Fanfan.The Sega is usually sung in Creole (mother tongue of Mauritians). Many singers had thought of also bringing forward the English version of the Sega songs but later resolved not to proceed with it so as to preserve the uniqueness and cultural richness of the local music of Mauritius. The original instruments are fast disappearing, making way for the more conventional orchestra ensemble. However, all along the coastal fishing villages, the traditional instruments such as the “Ravanne”, “Triangle”, the “Maravanne” and the traditional guitar are still being used.

Radio Information:

Location: Mauritius

Language: English

Genres: Entertainment, Various

WebSite: r1.mu