Catedral de la Musica radio station listen for free

Catedral de la Musica radio station listen for free

At this present time, La Catedral de la Musica is an online music radio broadcast. Radio broadcasts to the locales 24 hours per day, a year of the year.

Meanwhile, With an extraordinary blend of jazz. As well as, blues, society, world, and classical music. La Catedral de la Musica has something for all insightful music sweethearts.

As well as, XHQL-FM is a radio broadcast. Above all, on 91.7 FM in Zamora, Michoacán. It is claime by Grupo Radio Zamora and is known as La Catedral de la Música.

Above all, XEQL-AM receives its concession on October 15, 1969. It was claime by Fernando Jiménez Torres until 1964 and broadcast. That is to say, with 1,000 watts on 1580 kHz.

In the mid-2000s, XEQL moves to 1260 kHz. On the other hand and increment evening power from 250 to 1,000 watts. At this present time, XEQL got endorsement to relocate to FM in 2011.

Meanwhile, Catedral de la Música – XHQL is a transmission. That is to say, radio broadcast in Zamora. At this time, Michoacan, Mexico, giving Mexican Grupera music.

La Catedral de la Musica in addition info:

The station found in 1959, communicates musical projects. With the best northern hits, grupero music, banda, tropical, and ranchera.

XHQL-FM, known by its trade name La Catedral de la Música. As well as, is a musical radio broadcast that communicates.

The best music hits of the tropical, ranchero, banda, and grupero styles. By means of satellite, it additionally communicates.

The primary information on the here and now consistently and in the media. At this time, In its programming, the programs La Catedral De La Musica Hora de los Albañiles. As well, and Noches de Clarín stands out as the most popular.

It communicates from Zamora, Michoacán. By all means, and is own by Grupo Radio Zamora. La Catedral De La Musica Musica. It tends to be heard live in this district on the 91.7 FM recurrence.

At this present time, or on the web, through the player on its online entry.

Radio Contact Info:

Radio Information:

Location: Mexico

Language: Spanish

Genres: Music, Hits

Web Site: www.radiozamora.com.mx

Catedral de la Musica