Panda Show Radio Fm online listen for free:

Panda Show Radio Fm online listen for free

Presented by Panda Show Radio Zambrano. After all that there “Panda Show International,” live from Mexico City. Jokes drew vertical, nachos, strawberries.

As well as toilet fan, channels, ditty, entertainment, humor, and Radio Chicagoan-style. Panda Show International shows every evening. From (central time).

It is a web station that broadcasts from Vivero, Mexico, providing fun, entertainment, and salsa music. The panda show started one day a week and went from. One station to another and another and so on, casual, and what?

The program deals with topics of “fun” or ridicule. Suppose the owner of the broadcast does not consider it. The main goal is to entertain without deepening the subject.

Panda Show Radio info therefore in addition

 Jokes and interactions on the part of the public. The protagonist feels ridiculous and often sarcastic. Which sometimes also creates acid jokes; And yet always natural. Thanks for the authentic participation by your audience.

 The international panda show has gained considerable popularity. Thus, being the most successful program of its kind in Latin America and an international event aired.

 By the most significant number of stations in America. As well as four high-fidelity streaming channels on the Internet:

 After that the Panda Show posharadio, Lafutblerodio, Pandapopradio, and Panda Show. This is a situation that recognizes it as a pioneer in the transmission of CD quality.

 The network, like the latter, is a few services. That flow at 128 kbps, 24 hours, 365 days a year, and life from Mexico.

 The central theme of the International Panda Show consists of the telephone. But, above all, jokes of its audience of writers, proposals, and developments.

 Although occasionally and at their request, the program takes. On a different theme; Such as “Quentin Conmego” cases. Which takes advantage of broadcast coverage.

 The audience is asked for help to get their job. That there, financial support, sensitive partner, or any resource. That the affected person requests.

 About all These cases are subject to exception and at the discretion of the driver. It is noteworthy that despite. The relentless insistence on the part of some applicants.

 Jokes related to themes such as driver accidents, hijacking. Above all or stress on the subject. It is directed and directed by Jose Antonio “El Panda Show” Zambrano. As well, primarily due to the precarious situation in Mexico.

Panda Show Contents

Since an essential feature of the broadcast is the absence of scripts. Above all, pre-established guidelines or strict and archeological forms of radio transmission.

 The content of the “International Panda Show” is a reflection of Mexicans. Their requests, ideas, trends, and forms of expression.

 Occasionally, music is enjoyed, parodies and songs are heard, and bizarre sports reports come directly from different regions of the world or interviews with prominent personalities from artistic, political, musical, or sports circles. Regularly, during the broadcast,

 There are greetings and opinions about the program from actors. Or journalists or even athletes or politicians. The program is regularly featured in national newspapers (see link section) for nationally controversial content.


 The job of the broadcaster is to inform or enjoy rather than train. It does not pretend to be proper or correct. Much less educational but fresh, friendly.

 Above all, and authentic, create a friendly bond with your audience. Albers, jokes, jokes, in virtually any broadcast of the panda show.

And phrases that have become popular on programs.

 Such as “I like your mother,” “What does the egg cake-like?” Worked the most? And the question repeated from the audience: “What is modern 69?”

  The Zambrano Panda Show: Its beginnings

 Jose Antonio “El Panda Show” Zambrano began his radio career behind. The broadcast console is the operator of the Digital 99. After all, Later he became a creative and producer.

 Throughout his career. He was part of prominent radio groups in Mexico and Argentina. For example, Radiopolis (Televisa Radio), Grupo Radio Centro, Grupo ACIR, and now Grupo Formula.

 He has worked with people like Marton Fabian, Jesse Cervantes, and Ricardo Rocher.

 After all, Under his authorship are Friendship Connections. All in all, Fonazo 99 for Digital 99, Cabuena Morning, Cabuena Chamba.

 As well as and Cabuena Telera (a nationally broadcast television program via. The SKY satellite system) and a program for Cabuena with XEWA-AM 540 kHz. All in all, About The city of San Luis Potos in the mid-decade.

 During the year, he worked in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He operated and programmed a station called “La Sabrocita,” eventually returning to Mexico.

 At the request of journalist Ricardo Rocher and to rejoin Televisa Radio, “LA X730”, a station. Which, in its charge, was able to place visitors in the first places. Beginning in 1999, the International Panda Show Group began broadcasting on Formula 104.1.

Panda Show Internationalization

 In 2004, the Panda show closed as a local program. Aired only on 104.1 FM in Mexico City. And Grupo Formula gained internationalization.

 As the second national channel to join the Radio Formula Network in the United States and its affiliates. Thanks to this new stage.

 The program has been able to reach millions of Mexicans. Who has moved to the United States and Canada (originally? Although repeated calls from Europe.

 Or South America), as it is broadcast live. And broadcast simultaneously in multiple locations in both countries. And 50 stations on four internet pages.

 Since the launch of Panda Show ovaradio, above all this, calls have come from time to time from cyber listeners. Who originally came to the program in Mexico.

 Or the United States and who are now connected from. Their new home in different parts of the world. At this time, Cases involving two Mexican women. On the Ciudad Satellite in the state of Mexico,

 Those who currently live in Poland and Hong Kong, respectively. After all, there are regular listeners to the El Panda show. Most recently (May 2012), even a Mexican girl from China executed her joke.

 At this present time, Italy, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala. And Ecuador is one of the countries from which cyber listeners are contacted by phone or email.

 But the most common thing is to hear the calls of state residents. Also are Countries that have requested jokes. With their relatives in Mexico or South America. Or from fragmented families,

 Since most of them have gone in search of improved economic conditions, as a result, in different countries, and are feeling the need to connect. With their culture thanks to this program.


 Since January 2007, its coverage and creative publishing field have expanded, further promoting the television version of the El Panda Show TV headline, which Teleformula broadcasts via multiple affiliates.

 Through multiple affiliates such as Dish Network, PCTV. And Cabalisian at 4 min 9 p.m. Mexico Time). August 2008 marks the birth of a music genre call Pandopradio.

 An incomplete mix of vibrancy and music, a trend of restless young people. Who wants to navigate the Internet. And who is up to date in terms of technology, fashion? And musical instruments.

 It is under the concept of Panda Show Pop Radio. So that there, Ponda Jumbrano enters. Therefore, the market above segment is more efficient.

 And the direct way with a solid foundation of hits in English and Spanish. And a touch of catalog. So it is always up-to-date and up-to-date with the mainstream of the world. But with high standards.

 In early December 2010, a new catalog music option was created to serve. Another segment of the Panda Show audience. And to be able to engage more cyber listeners during the program.

 All about, Name PandaFM: Panda Show Zambrano’s metro station. Transmits international panda show without censorship (as above). As well as memory music in English and Spanish, 24/7.

 As of October 2011. It has been re-broadcast. On Channel 560 of the Sirius XM Radio Satellite Radio System. All in all, covering the entire length. And the breadth of parts of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Radio contact Information there:

Location: Mexico Language: Spanish
Genres: Jokes, dragged, nachos, strawberries Web Site: www.freeradiotune.com


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