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Communities Benefit Through Radio Reyna

On condition Understanding how a community-based radio operates like Radio Reina is important.
This means that the entire operation of Radio Reyna is built. On the premise that communities need to be served through their local access.

It is important to realize, With attention Community-base radio, in the simplest form, reaches every home. All programming and services are provided by volunteers.

In the meantime, XHEJE FM Dollars is a community-based radio station in Hidalgo. A town on the Mexican-American border. On the positive side, XHEJE FM also serves the community with a community-based radio program called “Talk of the Town”.

 Radio Reyna Live Stream

So far, This radio program features conversations with local residents and other people from the community, about local topics. Take the case of, XHEJE also operates a water-borne radio called Radio Reyna, which is able to reach residents who live in areas where television is not accessible.

For the most part, In recent years, XHEJE and other community-base radio stations in the United States have been very successful.

Clearly the time of the sweeps, especially targeting ethnic and religious communities. Overall some of these include brooms for ethnicity

organizations, such as the Little Italy Association, which has an Italian version of “This Week in Mexican cuisine.” As, well as sweeps targeting the African-American community, which features “The Power Hour.”

In addition, The growth of this type of radio and its ability to reach beyond traditional means have made. In the final analysis, It very popular with a broader range of consumers and advertisers.

Radio Reyna is a live online best radio station in Mexico. XHEJE-FM is a radio station on 96.3 FM in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato. XHEJE carries a full-service format known as Radio Reyna.

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Radio info:

Country: Mexico

Application: Radio Reyna App

Frequency: 96.3 MHz
City: Dolores Hidalgo
First air date: June 18, 1964
Founded: 1964
Radio Reyna