Radio Star 93.2

Radio Star 93.2

Radio Star 93.2 is one of the most famous online radio station on Nepal. Radio Star 93.2 live broadcasting from Nepal. Radio Star 93.2 objective of inclusive sound together in the morning 5 pm viewed from 11 pm until the daily 18-hour of continuous broadcasting of this radio through education, employment, the environment, women, Dalits, indigenous, disabled, street children has, law, agriculture, industry, commerce, Disasters, youth, politics, such as awareness programs and musical programs, including the kind of healthy entertainment is being broadcast.

Without presenting information concerning industrial, and entertainment as we continue to possess it. If the news is to expose the hidden lion in our ionization unity in diversity and diversity in unity, thoughts and opinions, and the creative presentation of the needs of all sectors of the creative artistic abhivyaktinai radio star original identity, introduction or features are. Şakir praliddhara media network powered (Radio Star 9 3 2 MHz) on a regular basis without the industry with its lokapriyata also culikhai Biratnagar had been broadcast. Radio diverse informative, jnanamulaka, informative and launch the program was able to touch the hearts of the audience in jails in eastern noon memory.

So this radio program to make systematic and effective cooperation with NSU expected to retain a reference. Hundreds of varieties of flowering garden phulaharule same respect as it is believed that the opportunity to join in asking for a helping hand with the agadhi sabaiksetrako commitment toward you.

Radio Information:

Location: Nepal

Language: Nepali

Genres: Various, Music

Web Site: www.radiostar.com.np