Mechi Tunes 96.8 MHZ

Mechi Tunes 96.8 MHZ

Mechi Tunes 96.8 MHZ is one of the most famous online radio station on Nepal. Mechi Tunes 96.8 MHZ FM is a Nepali radio broadcast in the country and very popular all over the country for its quality program,provide the information Entertainment and much more at the same point,the head office of Mechi Tunes 96.8 MHZ is located in Jhapa Nepal. Mechi Tunes 96.8 MHZ Founded in 8th February, 2009.

Mechi Tunes Network in Jhapaa is the well-known FM channel of Nepal. In Ashar 29th 2064 B.S during the thirteenth of 2007 A.D, Radio Mechi Tunes Network was released. It is working with the frequency of 96.8 which could easily be tune. The primary objective of Mechi Tunes Network 96.8 is to advertise information & enjoyments in the complete nation and offers the helpful details to its audiences. The natives listeners of Mechi Tunes Radio are now can easily get info’s with the channel and with the passing of times in the Nepal.

The Mechi Tunes 96.8 Nepal also performing together with few well known Nepali Media associates i.e. BBC Nepali sewa, Ujyaalo 90 System and also the activities of BBC Media. The individuals of Mechi FM Tunes areas are too much awesome with the great sense of knowledgeable behavior and are part of the Kirantis (Lumbu & Rai) cultural categories. Mechi Tunes Network 96.8 also includes the various kinds of contents in its broadcasts like the great marketing alternatives nationwide & worldwide.

It can also be enjoyed on the internet in best quality. Mechi FM 96.8 broadcasting all of its materials in Nepali terminology. The primary listeners are part of various age groups. Radio 96.8 us transmitted several shows & reveals depending on various and exclusive areas.

Radio Information:

Location: Nepal

Language: Nepali

Genres: Various

Web Site: mechitunes.com