Vijaya FM 101.6

Vijaya FM 101.6

Vijaya FM 101.6 is one of the most famous online radio station on Nepal. Vijaya FM 101.6 live broadcasting from Nepal. This is mainly a talk show based radio station. Vijaya FM 101.6 is broadcasting in Nepali language so that their main listeners who are the people of Nepal can easily understand the message of their programs. This also helps Vijaya FM 101.6 to be more friendly and engaging with their listeners.

Vijaya Community Information & communication Cooperative Ltd (VICCOL) was established in 2000 in Gaindakot, Nawalparasi. It established Vijaya FM and first aired on 21st August 2004 and tuned into 101.6 MHz. Community Radio Vijaya FM is the common endeavor of peoples from different socio-economic background (ie experts, community members, and professionals), non-government organizations, community forest user groups, schools, colleges, hospitals, cooperatives, temples and other social institutions .

It is different from other professional radios in many aspects. It represents the voice of voiceless people. The radio is always dedicated to carry out the issues & the references that are hidden in the society. Awareness rising through radio programme, case study, reports and to provide useful information to the targeted people on socio-economic, educational, cultural, as well as healthy entertaining programmes, Community Radio has been broadcasting the programmes through multiple indigenous and local languages. It is supposed that the radio would help to bring awareness among the targeted people and empower them.

Vijaya FM 101.6 is run by Vijaya Community Information and Communication Cooperative Society Limited (VICCOL), which is a primary level cooperative society, registered under the district cooperative office Nawalparasi in 2001. The community based Vijaya FM will help to uplift the quality of life of the poor and marginalized people by providing valuable information regarding human rights, livelihood, community self-reliance, good governance and people participation in decision-making process that affects their daily life.

Radio Information:

Location: Nepal

Language: Nepali

Genres: Talk, Variety

Web Site: www.vijayafm.org.np