Radio Oksnes

Radio Oksnes

Radio Oksnes live broadcasting from Norway. Radio Oksnes always open to good music. Their listeners are greatly fan of their music choice as the music of Radio Oksnes reflects the need of their listeners. With listeners love and support the radio is always moving one step ahead with their everyday programmings and musical playlists.

Pop music (a term that derives from “popular”) is a genre of popular music that originated in its modern form in the Western worldduring the 1950s and 1960s, deriving from rock and roll. The terms “popular music” and “pop music” are often used interchangeably, although the former describes all music that is popular (and can include any style).

Pop music is eclectic, and often borrows elements from other styles such as urban, dance, rock, Latin, and country; nonetheless, there are core elements that define pop music. Identifying factors include generally short to medium-length songs written in a basic format (often the verse-chorus structure) as well as the common employment of repeated choruses, melodic tunes, and hooks.

Norwegian popular music has developed on the various urban scenes such as the Bergen scene or Oslo’s underground. The strengthening of Norwegian popular music has been contributed by the growth of festivals, the many new independent (indie) record labels, a new generation of eager and talented music industry professionals as well as more supportive domestic media. The establishment of NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting) in 1933 contributed to circulate popular music. Additionally, from this period on, listening to British and North American radio stations, along with an import of jazz and rock records, widened the musical tastes of most Norwegians.

Radio Information:

Location:  Norway

Language: English

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Pop

Web Site: www.radiooksnes.no