Radio Sandefjord

Radio Sandefjord

Radio Sandefjord live broadcasting from Norway. Radio Sandefjord gives you everything you need local news, sports, weather, traffic and news reports, in addition to your favorite music on a conveyor belt.

A weather radio service is a public broadcast service dedicated to airing continuous weather reports. In most locations, it requires a specially-designed radio capable of receiving “weather band” frequencies – when tuned to one of these channels, it receives a radio station that broadcasts both routine and emergency weather information. Many weather radio receivers are equipped with a standby alerting function – if the radio is off or tuned to another band and a severe weather bulletin is transmitted, it can automatically sound an alarm and/or switch to a pre-tuned weather channel for emergency weather information.

Sports radio (or sports talk radio) is a radio format devoted entirely to discussion and broadcasting of sporting events. A widespread programming genre that has a narrow audience appeal, sports radio is characterized by an often-boisterous on-air style and extensive debate and analysis by both hosts and callers. Many sports talk stations also carry play-by-play of local sports teams as part of their regular programming. Hosted by Bill Mazer, the first sports talk radio show in history launched in March 1964 on New York’s WNBC (AM).

Radio Information:

Location:  Norway

Language: English

Genres: News, Sports, Traffic, Weather

Web Site: www.radiosandefjord.no