WKAQ 580 En Vivo Fm radio playlist

WKAQ 580 En Vivo Fm radio playlist

WKAQ 580 FM is a radio broadcast in San Juan. As well as,  Puerto Rico that communicates. On WKAQ 580 kHz with a Spanish language live radio configuration.

The station is at present possess by Univision Radio. All in all, Its writing computer programs are rehash on WKAQ580 FM. Which communicates on 1420 kHz in Ponce. At this time, and WYEL communicates on 600 kHz in Mayagüez.

At this present time, WKAQ’s 580 Fm is the primary radio broadcast master in examination and news.

All in all, The place of Luis Francisco Ojeda, Ruben Sanchez.  Above all, Luis Pabon Roca, Carlos Diiaz Olivo, Jay Fonseca and As well as, Luis Dávila Colón.

WKAQ 580 En Vivo Fm in addition info data:

The station was the main radio broadcast to communicate in Puerto Rico. As well as, indicate by Ernesto Vigoreaux, at the beginning of music in Puerto Rico.

The performers would record music at the WKAQ580 Fm radio station. At this present time, WKAQ’s 580 Fm is the Puerto Rico essential section point station for the Emergency Alert System.

At this time, Wkaq580 en Vivo was posses for a long time. By all means, Angel Ramos, proprietor of the El Mundo newspaper. At a time, and inevitable namesake for WKAQ 580 Fm -TV mark as Telemundo.

The El Mundo operate until 1986 when work strikes. And demonstrations of illegal intimidation finish its activity.

Listen to the Radio WKAQ580 en vivo – Puerto Rico Noticias. At this any, Right now, Dese San Juan para task Puerto Rico, Expertos en Análasis y Noticias.

Listen live on WKAQ580 en vivo now on RadioWide. At a time, FM is a radio station for everyone, appreciate it!

All in all, Master of test and news chief radio broadcast. At the moment everyone has the place of Luis Francisco Ojeda, Ruben Sanchez, Luis Pavan Rocker. In addition, Carlos Diiaz Olivo, Jay Fonseca and Luis Dávila Colón.

Accordingly, WKAQ’s580 Fm lives broadcasting from Puerto Rico. Right now. WKAQ 580 Fm is one of them. With everything taken into account.

The most popular online radio broadcasts in Puerto Rico. All in all, WKAQ 580 Fm broadcast various kinds of latest Hits, rock, etc. music.


At this present time, WKAQ is basically a relay station of WPRI from Puerto Rico. Accordingly, In 1994, the radio station’s broadcasting license change hands.

And it is broadcast with an English language talk format called “KKAQ”. The best current owners of Univision Radio are high-quality.

Overall, Maintaining broadcasting holds the roots of providing diversity in programming. Which can be heard all over Latin America.

At least, Located in various cities across the region, including Ponce.  As well as, A 1440 kHz of which is known through various repeater stations.

The locals simply call it “KPOP”. Additionally, Because they play new releases there in contrast to other city frequencies.

Where you can probably play our repetitive music. After all, Rather than today’s hit artists. Such as our Jennifer Lien and Bo Wow).


Radio Information:

Name: WKAQ 580 En Vivo

Language: Spanish

Location: Puerto Rico

Website: wkaq580.univision.com


WKAQ 580 En vivo