Radio Manele

Radio Manele

Radio Manele is a romanian online radio station. But it also present and widespread in Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, parts of Turkey and with expatriates and immigrants originally from these regions. Manele Fm divided into “classical manele” and “modern manele”. The “classical manele” are a Turkish-derived genre performed by Romani lăutari in a lăutărească manner, while the “modern manele” are a mixture of Romani music with Turkish, Greek, Middle Eastern and Indian elements, generally using modern (electronic) instruments and beatsRadio Manele.

Muzică de mahala appeared in the early 1980s, in Banat area, as an counteraction to the omnipresent traditional Romanian folk music. The new style supported the influence of the Serbian pop music and was banned by the communist regime because it was associated with the low morality and culture. This new style borrowed many influences from Balkan culture, on the background of Romanian folk music, employing instruments from Pop music like electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizers and drums in exchange for the traditional instruments from lăutarească music like cimbalom and, in some cases, for violin and accordion. After the Romanian Revolution from the end of the 1989, this genre began to fade out, becoming almost extinct in the middle of the 1990s.

Radio Information:

Location: Romania

Language: Romanian

Genres: Hits, Pop

Web Site: fmradiomanele.ro