BFM Radio

BFM Radio

BFM Radio strive to diversify our latest ester compositions nezabyvaya the old time-tested hits!
Difference of BFM Radio online radio that absolutely every student has the opportunity to become part of our radio by taking part in various programs.
Yes, yes! Just have bought a headset and pay for internet! Interactive wonderful flood the air and makes it more interesting and lively. Do not hesitate, there is nothing strange! Be a part of BFM Radio radio is not just listening to it, but also taking part in the programs when there is such a possibility.

Business BFM, BFM until April 2009 (Business FM) and BFM Radio until November 2010, is a private French radio station. From November 2010, BFM Business is a television station offering national economic stall regional Ile-de-France.

Founded in 1992, this radio business information is part of NextRadioTV since 2002.

Since November 2010, the television emits format sixteen ninths on TNT in the Paris region (channel 24) and the satellite in Western Europe and North Africa via the Atlantic Bird 3, including admissible receptors labeled Fransat, BIS TV and TV Orange-labeled or not.

In the distribution wire, the chain is available ADSL, SD streams, Internet and IPTV, taken on most of the operators box. It is also distributed by voucher number of cable networks.

The website allows the antenna to listen to streaming (live) and offers a variety of podcasts (also available on the iTunes Store. BFM is also available on most radios sold in the Internet commerce, streaming.

Radio Information:

Location: Russia

Language: Russian

Genres: Blues

Web Site: www.1jazz.ru