OFM Radio

OFM Radio

OFM Radio is central South Africa’s number 1 commercial radio station broadcasting to the Free State, Northern Cape, North West and southern Gauteng.

Central Media Group, the umbrella company of OFM, Mahareng Publishing, Digital Platforms, Redstar Agency, and Central Outdoor, welcomes and encourages open discussions and the expression of opinions on CMG’s social media websites and encourages people to share their comments, stories, and experiences.

CMG makes reasonable efforts to monitor content posted on its social media platforms and to engage with users to build a great relationship with listeners and readers.

However, we ask people to remember that legislation regarding defamation, discrimination, privacy violation and media law still applies to content and authors of comments on these platforms.

CMG reserves the sole right to review, hide and/or delete comments. The visitor can also be blocked and not allowed to participate in any conversation on these platforms. We reserve the right to terminate the involvement of users who post undesired comments. Undesired comments contain any of the following:

• abusive or hurtful comments;
• off-topic comments (this includes promotion of events, companies, groups, pages, websites, organisations, chain letters or ‘spam’);
• comments that use foul language or “hate speech”, as well as “hateful speech” towards race, gender, age, religion, and profession;
• personal attacks or defamatory statements or comments (i.e., making negative personal or false comments about another participant on the platform), instead of just criticising his/her posting, opinion or comments;
• comments that violate the privacy of people and their families; and
• the expression of opinion must still be responsible and based on the facts.

The views and opinions expressed on social media and websites of CMG do not necessarily represent those of CMG. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, objectivity, fairness and reliability of information posted by external parties.

Radio Information:

Location: South Africa Language: English
Genres: Adult Contemporary WebSite: www.ofm.co.za