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EL VACILON MUSICAL Listen to the best online RADIO FM in 2023

EL VACILON de la Mauna is a Spanish-language morning radio show. The show airs on WSKQ-FM in New York City.

At the moment, El Vacillon Musical Radio is a Spanish radio station, as well the station. EL VACILON At a time is mark as “All” Mega 97.9 “and it is synthesize directly in various markets.

All in all, and Orlando in Florida. Atlanta, Georgia; Hartford, Connecticut. as well as, And Puerto Rico 7.

 Above all The word “vacillation” is not directly translatable into English. As well, but explicitly Spanish can also mean “to test someone” or “to make fun of.”

EL VACILON So, the name of the show translates roughly into English as “The Morning Tees”.

EL VACILON MUSICAL Radio in addition info

At a time, new broadcasts of the show were discontinued. All in all and only pre-record programs coincide with Louis Jimenez’s departure from the show.

Above all, A new program in New York City during the time slot allotted to El Vacilon until 2006.

At this time, Most of the crew of the program have chosen to stay under contract in La Mega. As well, DJ Castro from Texas and Sonido Promax in California have signs. 

WSKQ (La Mega 979.9 FM) brought in two new hosts. All in all, Dominican-born Juan Carlos Alonso (who sounds like Luis Jimenez).

And Puerto Rican Frankie Jay. (who looks like Munshado) is now replacing Louis Jimenez and Munsado. 

At this present time, Juan Carlos Alonso was transfer from another SBS. All in all, the Voices of Juan Carlos and Frankie Joy with former hosts have sparked multiple. 

Above all, Louis Jimenez. And SBS were involve in a legal battle in 200BS. After that, because SBS claims that Lewis Jimenez was making money.

 All in all, on the Morning Show by releasing his DVD movie. At this present time, the EL VACILON Movie release on January 30, 2007.

Louis Jimenez file a counter-lawsuit against SBS alleging. That Juan Carlos and Frankie J. Louis trie to fool the audience by imitating the voices and style of Jimenez and Munshado.

And using characters like Dr. Hector Tilla and Madame Mello, he accuses members of his former team of betrayal and theft of his intellectual property. In early January 2006, the Spanish broadcasting system officially won the legal battle.

  • Some essential information from Louis Jimenez L. Vacillon Radio

Louis Jimenez began producing his own show. The Lewis Jimenez Show, on February 21, 2007. And is being broadcast in several US cities, including Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles. And various Univision radio stations.

At a time, but it is not likely to become NYC until 2008. Only two of the old “Vacilan de la Maana” members have follow. Louis Jimenez on his new show. 

These are “Eun Eun” and “Sony Flow”. The second is “DJ Chuckie” who just join the “The Lewis Gymnasium Show” crew. Lewis producer Alamo is part of the new show on Univision Radio.

Moon Shadow returns to EL VACILON de la Mayana.

At a time, and led Juan Carlos. And Frankie Joy on the Louis Gymnasium show (3.9 to 2.0 rating).

However, in the early 200’s. The Louis Jimenez show was held. At this time, El Vasilan de la Mauna in NYC and the Morning Show website took Louis Jimenez with him after he left.

For the full year of 2007. The domain name.  “www.elvacilon.com” belongs to its producer Maria Alma. At a time,  and so SBS and WSQQ could not use. The website address for the La Mega 99.9 FM show.

A new website for El Vacilon was created at www.elvacilon.org. In the early 200’s, after a lawsuit, the domain name “Aviation.com” return to SBS and was operating on the Spanish Broadcasting System’s (SBS) webserver.

El Vasiln de la Mauna is a Spanish-language morning radio show. The show airs on WSKQ-FM in New York City.

And it got good ratings from the local public. Especially those who can’t speak English as their first language!

At this time including El Valicon Musical Radio Orlando Florida. Reached many markets in America.

Atlanta, Georgia .; Hartford Connecticut, Puerto Rico 7, etc. The word “vacillation” cannot be translated directly into English.

But multiple meanings are possible depending on the context. Such a clear meaning is when someone examines others. Or makes fun of them.

Radio Info:

El Vacilon Musical Radio official website address is www.vacilon-musical-radio.playtheradio.com

Country: Spain

Genres: Salsa