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El Vacilón de la Mañana is a Spanish language weekday morning radio show. The show originates from WSKQ-FM in New York City. El Vacilon Musical Radio is a Spanish radio station branded as “Mega 97.9”, and it is syndicated live to a number of different markets in the US such as Providence, Rhode Island; Miami and Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Hartford, Connecticut; and Puerto Rico.7

The word “vacilón” is not directly translatable into English; it derives from the Spanish verb vacilar (to vacillate), but in colloquial Spanish can also mean to “check someone out” or to “have fun.” Thus, the show’s name roughly translates in English to “The Morning Tease.”


During the first two weeks of January 2007, new airings of this program were discontinued, and only pre-recorded programs were aired, coinciding with Luis Jiménez’s departure from the program. He has signed a contract with the Univision Radio network but is prevented by previous non-competitive agreements to air any new program in New York City during El Vacilón’s allotted time slot until 2008. Most of the program’s crew has chosen to remain contracted to La Mega. and contract DJ CASTRO from Texas and Sonido Promax #1 in California, thanks to him is now the number one in the USA.

As of mid-January 2007, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) owned WSKQ (La Mega 97.9 FM) brought two new hosts to the show, Dominican-born Juan Carlos Alonso (who sounds just like Luis Jiménez), and Puerto Rican Frankie Jay (who also sounds like Moonshadow) which are now replacing Luis Jiménez and Moonshadow. Juan Carlos Alonso was relocated from another SBS station in Orlando, Florida and Frankie Jay was relocated from another SBS station in Puerto Rico. Juan Carlos and Frankie Jay’s vocal resemblance to the former hosts have sparked a number of accusations of trying to imitate the former Vacilón hosts Luis Jiménez and Moonshadow (the main reason SBS brought them to NY).

During 2007 Luis Jiménez and SBS were involved in a legal fight because SBS claims Luis Jiménez was cashing in on the name of the morning show through the release of his DVD movie El Vacilón the Movie which was released on January 30, 2007. Luis Jiménez filed a counter-lawsuit accusing SBS of trying to fool the audience by having Juan Carlos and Frankie Jay imitate the voices and style of Luis Jiménez and Moonshadow, and also accuses his former team members of betrayal and stealing his intellectual property by using characters such as Dr. Hector Tilla and Madam Melo. In early January 2008, Spanish Broadcasting System officially won the legal fight.

Since February 21, 2007, Luis Jiménez started producing his own show The Luis Jiménez Show and it is being broadcast in several cities in the US, such as Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, among others through different Univision Radio stations. It is expected to expand into more cities during this year as Univision Radio introduces the show to new markets, but it is not expected to make it into NYC until 2008. Only two of the members of the old “Vacilón de la Mañana” have followed Luis Jiménez to his new show. These are “Yun Yun” and “Sonny Flow”, the latter one being “DJ Chucky” who just became part of “The Luis Jiménez Show” crew. Alma, who is Luis’s producer, is also part of the new show on Univision Radio.

Moonshadow has come back to El Vacilón de la Mañana and together with Juan Carlos and Franky Jay had been able to stay ahead of the Luis Jiménez Show (3.9 to 2.0 in the ratings). Although when The Luis Jiménez Show made it to NYC early in 2008. Upon his departure from El Vacilón de la Mañana Luis Jiménez also took the morning show’s website with him. For the entire year of 2007, the domain name “www.elvacilon.com” belonged to his producer Maria Alma and therefore SBS and WSKQ La Mega 97.9 FM were unable to use the website address for the show. A new website for El Vacilón was created www.elvacilon.org.In early 2008, after the lawsuit, the domain name “evasion dot com” was returned to SBS and is run on the web servers of the Spanish Broadcasting System(SBS).

Radio Info:

El Vacilon Musical Radio official website address is www.vacilon-musical-radio.playtheradio.com

Country: Spain

Genres: Salsa


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