Asima Online

Asima Online

Asima Online is one of the most famous online radio station on Syria. Asima Online is a online radio live broadcasting from Damascus, Syria. Asima FM is an Arabic radio station in Syria that broadcasts at 99.8MHz FM frequency around the whole country. The radio station comes with a vision to unite the people of Damascus as well as the whole country. This radio Asima FM aims to broadcasts facts and knowledge based on truth and honesty. It provides a variety of broadcasts to suit to every type of listener around the world. Asima FM airs news, informational programs, local unity programs, social media promotional programs and awareness increasing programs.

This Asima FM owned talented DJs, RJs and other supporting members to satisfy the needs and desires of its listeners around the world. They take special care while sharing the important knowledge and information which is the main center of attention for its audience worldwide. Besides that, it also accompanies the listeners with many other entertainment programs to keep their mood in good shape.

Radio Information:

Location: Syria

Language: Arabic

Genres: Entertainment, Local News

Web Site: asima-online.net