Watan FM

Watan FM

Watan FM live broadcasting from Syria. Watan FM telecasts its projects design its playlists for a socially and socially various gathering of people. Notwithstanding the show of a mixture of data and stimulation projects, Watan FM telecasts assorted neighbourhood creations. Their preparations and data based projects contains, for example, current undertakings, culinary, social, stimulation and games fields. They are filling in as an extension in the middle of audience members and music.

The nation ‘s first FM radio station Syrian community newsletters independent investigating the objectivity and credibility to embody the pulse of the people was established in Damascus in 2011.

Radio Information: 

• launched the first test broadcast on Saturday, August 11, 2011 at 20:00 of the heart of the capital, Damascus, and specifically from Amara district covers the old neighbourhoods of Damascus :: Baghdad Street – white bridge – Barmakids – immigrants – Rukn al-Din.

• characterized by a policy of “homeland FM” in dealing with and provide news and programs professionalism and quality.

• “homeland FM” do not follow any movement or political party or ideology.

• have a “homeland FM” Confidence listeners in areas where broadcast and online topics to be addressed and paragraphs pertaining to listeners inside Syria.

• owns four radio stations on short wave “FM”, Aleppo FM 90.2, Idlib and Atmh 90.3 FM.

Radio Information:

Location: Syria

Language: English

Genres: Arabic, Music

Web Site: www.watan.fm