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Music Radio 97:

Music Radio 97is one of the most famous online radio station in Trinidad and TobagoMusic Radio 97 live broadcasting from Trinidad and Tobago. The first station in Trinidad that takes the position that our most important asset is the listener is Music Radio 97.  Radio stations, we believe, have two classes of customers – the listener and the advertiser but you cannot get the latter without first attracting the former.


Music Radio 97 is the only local station that has targeted a particular audience, an audience that the advertiser will soon refer to as “97 people”.  The very first audience poll shows Music Radio 97 as being the second most popular station but of greater importance, it shows that Radio 97 can deliver a clearly defined audience segment.

Music Radio 97 begins testing in September 1991 and officially goes on air on 8th January 1992.  We immediately know from public reaction that we are doing something right but there are also complaints and criticisms.  Agencies complain that we have no right to turn away some types of advertising; we explain that we cannot take advertising that will negatively affect our on-air sound.  Advertisers are shocked that we will not take their advertising money and run their commercials after we have sold all advertising time, which station policy has set as “no more than ten minutes of advertising in an hour”.  We explain that this policy ensures that the advertiser’s message gets heard and his investment in advertising pays dividends.  Our policy is More Music Less Talk so we will not do talk shows even if sponsored.  On-air presenters ask: “You expect me to play the music that you have selected?”

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Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Language: English

Genres: Adult Contemporary

Web Site: www.musicradio97.com