Hum FM UAE live broadcasting from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hum FM UAE is one of the most famous online radio station on UAE. Hum FM UAE  broadcast various kind of latest Bollywood, Classics, Pop, Rock, Hit Music and Entertainment programs.

Hum FM UAE Introduced upon first 03 1998, HUM 106. a couple of is the first DESI Radio place inside UAE.. HUM 106. 2…are the primary, Hum FM UAE will be the upcoming. To be handled by the best new music, to be able to attend probably the most exciting contests, to be able to gain flick lotto tickets for all those newest films and also to receive all of the very hot gossips through Bollywood….. stay tuned for more to be able to HUM 106. 2… Natural Songs!

Radio Information:

Location: UAE

Language: Hindi

Genres: Bollywood, Pop, Top 40

Web Site: www.humfm.com