Abacus FM Chopin

Abacus FM Chopin

Abacus FM Chopin live broadcasting from UK.  To survive in the long run a radio needs to focus on the things and programs listeners demands and to do so a radio needs to make it more open to their listeners and focus more on their demand for good music which is done perfectly by Abacus FM Chopin. Abacus FM Chopin broadcasts their various radio programs all day long.

Classic hits is a radio format which generally includes rock and pop music from 1964 to 1988 or 1989, with occasional songs as recent as the early 1990s or before 1995. The term is erroneously used as a synonym for the adult hits format (which uses a slightly newer music library stretching from the 1970s through the 90s), but is more accurately characterized as a contemporary style of the oldies format, although most classic hits stations focus on pop hits from the late 1960s through the 90s.

The term “classic hits” is believed[by whom?] to have its birth at WZLX Boston when the station converted from “adult contemporary” to a format composed of the hipper tracks from the oldies format and album tracks from popular classic rock albums. The goal was to attract and magnetize two groups of baby boomers: those who didn’t want the doo-wop and pop they found on the oldies stations, and those who didn’t like the more heavy metal side of AOR stations.

Radio Information:

Location: UK

Language: English

Genres: Classic, Hits

Web Site: www.abacus.fm