Ahava Jerusalem

Ahava Jerusalem

Ahava Jerusalem lives broadcasting from the UK. Ahava Jerusalem is the proper approach toward a radio which ensures their listeners some really great radio programs perfect for their life and soul. The radio tries its level best to spread the message of humanity and tries to create a good bond between their listeners and people.

Variety is also associated with full-service radio. This format is primarily found in the rural United States, on commercial AM stations, and on a few FM public radio stations (usually those that play jazz). These stations tend to favor older listeners and play a mix of music that focuses more on older mainstream music, although much broader than the typical suburban oldies or classic hits station; a full-service station will often play music from the adult standards, classic country, adult contemporary or ethnic formats as well. Full-service radio also regularly includes room for local news and talk.

Hot Adult Contemporary and similarly-formatted stations often brand with “mix” and “variety” to demonstrate the fact that they play music from several decades (usually from the 1980s to the present). However, these stations have much more restrictive playlists than true variety stations such as those in the freeform and full-service categories. An example is WBNW-FM in Binghamton, NY or www.varietyradio.co.uk. The phrase “variety hits” is a synonym for the adult hits format (typified by the “Male First Name FM” branding), which indeed usually has a larger variety than a typical hot AC station.

Radio Information:

Location: UK

Language: English

Genres: Misc, Variety

Web Site: www.ahavajerusalem.com