BBC Radio Cymru

BBC Radio Cymru

BBC Radio Cymru based on UK is one of the popular music station. BBC Radio Cymru station streaming music and programs both in air and online. Originally it is a talk and news radio channel plays around the clock 24 hours live online. BBC Radio Cymru also operate various musical programs consistently for the people of all ages. Besides all of these programs its strength is the listeners participation and feedback through online.

All-news radio is available in both local and syndicated forms, and is carried in some form on both major US satellite radio networks. All-news stations can run the gamut from simulcasting an all-news television station like CNN, to a “rip and read” headline service, to stations that include live coverage of news events and long-form public affairs programming.

Many stations brand themselves Newsradio but only run continuous news during the morning and afternoon drive times. These stations are properly labeled as “news/talk” talk radio stations. Also, some National Public Radio stations identify themselves as News and Information stations, which means that in addition to running the NPR news magazines like Morning Edition and All Things Considered, they run other information and public affairs programs.

Radio Information:

Location: UK

Language: English

Genres: News, Talk

Web Site: www.bbc.co.uk