kfan 100.3 Listen to the best radio

kfan 100.3 Listen to the best radio

Listen to the best kfan 100.3 A radio station license near Rochester, Minnesota. The station is owned by IartMedia and has re-promoted the sister.

It is part of the regional fan radio network Minneapolis Poll FM. kfan 100.3 (100.3 FM) is a commercial radio station license in Minnesota, Minneapolis. At the moment, to broadcast the Sports Talk format. The station is own by iTimedia and Supply. Twin Cities Market.

KFXN-FM’s transmitter KMSP-TV’s tower is located in the showroom suburb. Its adequate radiation power is 100,000 watts (with beam risk).

kfan 100.3 in addition info there:

All in all, kfan 100.3 is the flagship station of the Minnesota Vikings. That is to say, After all Minnesota Golden Guffs Football and Minnesota Wild.

As a matter of fact, SmartMedia at midnight on August 15, 2011. About all this, Then known as clear channel communication.

That there, exchange KFAN (1130AM) formats and kfan 100.3. The former conservative news/talk format of 100.3 FM.

That is to say, The new kfan 100.3 call sign, share with the former. Startup Coalfax Communications. About all this, I bought WCTS-FM in early 1993 for 10 million. 

They did so when they made a deal to buy WMIN. At the same time, it has recently taken advantage of loose federal communications to enable call fax.

About all these regulations and became. The first dualism in the Twin Cities market. When they bought kfan 100.3 to be a partner in the new station.

Once the WCTS changed the frequency in January. At this time to Colfax shut down. The FM station for a few months, finally resigning in late April.

About all these, With a two-week-long joke format. As a matter of fact, a stunt to create buzz about the new station. That there, With the permanent country music format debut in. As WBOB (“Bob 100”) on May 13.

The slogan was “Give your knot back to Bob.” The WBOB faced stiff competition from the long-establish K102 and sub-province kfan 100.3, which left the country just a few months ago.

As well as, Despite this, the WBOB was consistent. About all this, The kfan 100.3, even ahead of them in a few books. However. 


When the KJJ also drop the format in 1999. All in all, allowing the kfan 100.3 to target their guns directly to Bob. All is well. They quickly lost the 100.3 fight.

At 1m3, one hour after the stunting, WBOB became WRQC.  At this time, while only kfan 100.3 and Tom Bernard took. 

All about, Also like many other Star affiliates. That is to say, ratings for the station were weak for the rest of the day.

About all this, and KKRS owners did not help to reverse its sister station. All in all, KGE, in 1997 in a similar complex rock format.


Radio Information there:

Location: USA

Language: English

Social Link: TwitterFacebook

Website: www.kfan.com


kfan 100.3