103.1 The Wave the best Online Radio in 2023

103.1 The Wave the best Online Radio in 2023:

103.1 The Wave is a radio station broadcasting in Dundee and Perth, Scotland. At this time to FM checking was taken out from the 2023 web and was displace. As well as, Unadulterate Radio103.1 The Wave replacement on 6 July 2023.

The station conveys a mix music plan 24 hours consistently. Meanwhile, the 7 days out of every week, and was set up in 1994. As a segment of Discovery Petro Radio Group. And in 1999 as Radio Waves.

After tolerating a full-scale ILR grant award from a consortium. Above all, FIF Kingdom FM, upheld by the IRG, set up the station. When the station was at first dispatch 102.

103.1 The Wave Online Radio in addition info

As the city of Dundee was known after the exposure of the RRS. Which was dock there. There is. Revelation Channel declares that people would wrongly interface.

The station to its association. The brand name was change to 103.1 The Wave. On May 15, 2006, New Wave Media transform. That there, into the new owner of 103.1 The Wave.

Which finally join sister stations Original 106. Above all, and Central FM in Aberdeen, Ford Valley. On October 26, 201 On, Oncom certifie an application to allow Perth’s 106.6FM.

As well as, the transmitter from Wave 102 and Heartland FM to get Wave 102. On Monday 9 January 2017 the station start checking itself as ‘Dundee and Perth Wave 102’.

On December 1, 2016, only three stations were dispatcher online. 103.1 The Wave 102 brand chart (playing persistent hits). Above all, 103.1 The Wave Country (24-hour current and commendable country hits).

At this present time, and 103.1 The Wave Gold consistent hits of 60, 70, and 80. It was account for in December 2017. That Dundee-base DC Thomson had gotten broadcasting licenses from.

 The Wave Online Radio in history 

That there, New Wave Media in Dundee and Perth. All in all, Bright 103 – KSQN is a transmission radio broadcast from Cottleville. The USA gives top 40/pop, hit, grown-up contemporary, and old music.

As well as, KLO-FM is a radio station in Salt Lake City. All in all,  Utah that broadcasts a classic alternative radio format. It broadcasts at 103.1 MHz.

Its studios are locate at 257 Tower in downtown Salt Lake City. Above all, and the transmitter site is at the top of Hampi Peak. Formerly known as the classic alternative KJQ.

The station moves to Jack FM on January 200 103.1 The Wave. All in all, KLO-FM is license in Kotaville. That there Utah, and KNJQ in Monte, Utah. KNJQ stop simulating 103.1 The Wave.

The station in late 2005 and went off-air shortly. After Simmons’ KZNS1280 short-run format for running sports-talk format.

By mutual agreement between the companies. The station is now broadcast as “U92”, own by KDD and Simulcasting Millcreek.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 257 East 200 South #400 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Phone: +1 844-407-8669
Email: [email protected]

103.1 The Wave