103.9 the x Radio the best famous in world 2023

103.9 the x Radio the best famous in world 2023

At this present time, 103.9 the x  FM is a radio station. That there broadcasts a classic rock format. Licensed at Crown Point, Indiana, USA.

It operates in northwestern Indiana and the southern suburbs of Chicago. Subsequently, It can be said that. The station is currently customized.

By all means, Adams Radio Group, LLC, North Indiana, LLC has approved Adams. Now on the radio, 103.9 the x and highlight the programming. After all, on Jones Radio Network and Premiere Radio Networks.

103.9 the x Radio in addition info:

The station contained the WFLM’s call sign, began broadcasting on November 10, 1972, and promoted a simple listener format. Which was published as “the best listening music in the world.”

John Mayer initially owned the station. Also, in 1982, 103.9 the x, the station’s call sign was changed to WWJY. At this point, and the station is marked “Joy” / “South Lake 104.”

In 1993, Indiana Mayor Thomas McDermott Sr. sold the station to M&M Broadcasting, formerly owned by Hammond, for 600,000. The format of the station was changed on March 1, 1993, to listen to CHR.

In 1995, the station started emulating the stone arrangement of WABT 103.9 in Delhi, Illinois.

In 1996, the station sold for 3. 3.6 million on the Z-Spanish organization with WABT, and the station embraced a Spanish-language design called “La Zeta.”

That there, Also, on July 1, 1996, the station’s call sign was changed to Waco. The station will before long be quieted before switching to a bluegrass music design in November 1996.

Under the LMA with M & M & M&M Broadcasting, with programming from the real country, buying the station.

At the time of this presentation, December 2, 1996, the call sign of the station. All in all, 103.9 the x, WXRD was done. In addition, by 2002, 103.9 the x, the format of the station had changed to the classic style.

In 2004, the station sold $ 4.9 million in Porter County Broadcasting, including WZVN.

This time the station was purchased. The 2014 Adams Radio Group is 18 years later. 103.9 the x, WXRD took on “The Bob and Tom Show” behind closed doors on June 17, 2019.

103.9 the x: WXRD is a telecom radio broadcast from Crown Point, Indiana, the USA, that gives rock, hard rock, metal, and elective music.

Radio contacts

Address: 2755 Sager Road, Valparaiso, IN 46383

Phone: (219) 477-4445 OR (219) 980-2577

Main: 219-462-6111
Fax: 219-462-4880

103.9 the x