98.7 The Buck Online Radio FM playlist

98.7 The Buck Online Radio FM playlist

At this present time, 98.7 the Buck Online Radio is a classic country. At this present time and western radio station that provides entertainment.

All in all information, and community-friendly radio stations to people all over the country. This time, this radio station has been broadcasting at a time since 1974.

This classic country radio station’s mission is to entertain, inform, teach, and inspire. It provides an environment where people can come together to enjoy. The great music has made this place like it is today.

98.7 The Buck Online Radio in addition info:

At this present time, 98.7 the Buck Online Radio lets you listen to live performances by some of the country’s top stars.

At this present time, 98.7 the Buck Online Radio is also available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Portuguese. If you are interested in learning another language, there is an application for this station.

These are all satellite radio stations 98.7 The Buck that provide a home. All in all bases for all other satellite radio stations. You don’t miss your favorite country music or even your favorite talk show.

Since this station provides all you need. They have music videos, interviews, and special announcements related to various music.


At this present time, Giving them the freedom to listen. At least their own pace and in the privacy of their own home makes. It was easier for those who appreciate any good talk show to share something after the show is over.

About 70 miles above this hill know as Dry Ridge. At this time, The road is great, the brick structure. As soon as, Just behind it stands a tall tower with several antennas all in all.

It is now the home of WD KO, owned by Columbia Kentucky Shoreline Communications.

At this present time 98.7 The Buck, broadcasting at 25,000 watts, 98.7. At a time featuring songs from the top countries of the past, emphasizing the 19’s and 80’s.

WKDO now joins 99.9 Big Dog in Campbellsville and 92.7 The buck Wave in Russell Springs Key.

WKDO-FM (98.7 FM) and WKDO (1560 AM) are a couple of radio broadcasts. At this present time, broadcasting an exemplary nation design. On FM and an exemplary hits design.

On AM, both authorized to Liberty, Kentucky, United States. At this time, The two stations were offered to Creal Broadcasting, Inc for all in all.

As soon as March 1, 2013, at a cost of $300,000 does this fulfill. At this present time, Effective August 18, 2017.

At this present time, Creal Broadcasting offers. As soon as, At a time, the two stations to Michael all in all and Laura Harris’ Shoreline Communications, Inc. for $395,000 do this fulfill.

Radio Contact Info:


988 State Hwy 1649, Liberty, KY 42539


98.7 The Buck