Caprock Intertie Link System

Caprock Intertie Link System:

Caprock or cap rock is a harder or more resistant rock type overlying a weaker or less resistant rock type. Common types of caprock are sandstone and mafic rock types. An analogy of caprock could be the outer crust on a cake that is a bit harder than the underlying layer. Common caprock locations are escarpments, mesa formations, and salt domes. In the petroleum industry, caprock is generalized to any nonpermeable formation that may prevent oil, gas, or water from migrating to the surface. Caprock Intertie Link System is a scanner website that provides safety and emergency security for the people in Amarillo, TX.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 1937 U.S. Highway 24, Glen Elder, KS 67446

Phone: 785-545-3220

Caprock Intertie Link