D99.3 Online Radio in addition info

D99.3 Online Radio in addition info:

D99.3 Online Radio Listen to the WDM-FM. At this present time, is a radio station broadcasting a Country music format.

The Southwest Wisconsin and West Madison Metropolitan area. By all means, Dodge Point Broadcasting Co currently owns the station.

At this present time, Before broadcasting on D99.3 MHz.  Likewise, At this time, WDMP-FM was initially being located at 107.1 on the FM dial All in.

Meanwhile, D99.3 – WDMP-FM is a broadcast radio station in Dodgeville. That there Wisconsin, United States, providing Country music.

This radio broadcast supports the current year’s official political race. That is to say And it’s not our leader.

We should keep political inclination off this station or tell individuals to listen. Where you get your report from? Also, it’s from a Democrat-supporting news firm.

D99.3 Online Radio in addition info data:

At this time, to Tell the two sides sincerely and let individuals choose.  At this present time, Ideally, things will change on your end. Above all, Much thanks to you and God favor America.

D-99.3 Radio Dodgeville,WI. D99.3 has the best new music first. Are you ready two rock? check out our sister station 96.9 FM WZRK-rock

At this time too, Needed for being the best. By being nothing like the rest! All in all, We are outlaw country-d99.3! Above all, Today’s best new country and your all-time favorites are all found right here.

D99.3 Online Radio provides a twenty-four-hour (24h). As well as, the mix of country genres and styles of music. The station plays all the music you love while striving to keep up.

Above all, Most importantly With the desires of its listeners Country music can be heard. Radio was introduce to the media world. D99.3 Online Radio, At this time, and the internet web is an independent culture.

Meanwhile, and Country more attention to the young people. In other words, and open to different patterns and thoughts. Inside a sane structure, describe.

By being balance and precise in getting the data. It depends on press and radio telecom techniques for a significance. D99.3 Online Radio, degree of polished skill in a basic style and sound yet simple USA language.

It means to serve the local area through the way of life of basic liberties. D99.3 Online Radio, The ideas of majority rules system and citizenship. The soul of resilience, and developing.

The craving to take an interest in complete change that our social orders need.

Radio Contact Info:


 2163 Hwy 151, Dodgeville, WI 53533