Houston Pacifica Online Radio

Houston Pacifica Online Radio:

We’re an FM radio station, situated at 90.1 on your radio. We are one of the five stations that comprise what is called the Pacifica Network, a subject we’ll explain later. Nearly 90 percent of our funding comes from individual listener-members. We have no large corporate sponsors. All too often, massive funding arrives with an agenda, not to mention all those commercials! Because of our independence from concentrated control, you can hear the difference between us and any other station in the first 10 or 15 minutes of listening. We are definitely different, and we revel in it. Why “Your Radio for Peace”? Two very simple reasons: (1) When you become a member of KPFT, it’s your radio station. You are a voting member of the station and a stakeholder in its direction. (2) All of the news, informative shows and mix of music you won’t find anywhere else are all aimed at one goal-to help people like you and me understand the world around us, and through that understanding and respect, cause an outbreak of peace. —— Shows: Latino USA, This American Life, BBC Newshour, Democracy Now!, The Writer’s Almanac, Free Speech Radio News, Alternative Radio, TUC Radio, Explorations in Science, Flashpoints —– Hosts: Ira Glass, Jessica Hopper, Alex Blumberg, Garrison Keillor, Betsy Allister, Holly Vanderhaar, Maria Gilardin, Vajra Kilgour, Shawn Rhodes, Max Schmid

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 The Pacifica Foundation419 Lovett Houston, Texas 77006

 [email protected]

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