Rock 92 Listen to the best online radio 

Rock 92 Listen to the best online radio 

Rock 92 has been in Carolina for over 25 years. At this time, Chris Shaw Home W KRR (92.3 FM, “Rock 92”) is a commercial. As a matter of fact, FM radio station license to serve in Ashbero, North Carolina.

After all that, The station is Dick Broadcasting’s own. Subsequently and broadcasts a classic Rock 92 format. Its broadcast tower covers the service contour Piedmont.

After all, Triad at near Randallman (35 ° 50 (0.0 ″ N 79 ° 50′1.0 ″ W) in North Carolina. About all this, The station is one of Dick Broadcasting’s two flash ships.

The other being a Winston-Salem license WKZL (“107.5KZL”). All in all, Both stations broadcast from a studio co-locate. After that all, at Greensboro, North Carolina, and did so in the early 1990s.

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As well as, Serving the Piedmont Triad. Above all, including North Carolina. About all this, And Gridbarrow / Winston-Salem / High Point Radio Market.

All in all, It broadcasts a classic Rock 92 radio format. After all that there, calling itself “Rock 92”. About us, And a trio partner of the Carolina Panthers radio network.

After that, WKkR is own by WKRR “107.5KZL”. With Winning-Salem Dob Broadcasting. As well as, Both stations broadcast from studios and offices.

Meanwhile, on East Louis Street in Greensboro After all. In November 1948, WKRR-FM signed. The AM1260WKRR is a sister station.

First of all, WKRR- Rock 92 FM Simulcast WKRR. About these, from the late 1960s to 1984. After all that there, On April 4, 1984. The call sign was changed to WRLT to play the “light” soft adult contemporary format Meanwhile.

The call sign at the station was changed to WKKR. After all that, On October 11, 1985, As well as, Rock 92 FM pioneer James Dick bought it. The stations and made his son Allen the station manager.

About all, Under Allen’s surveillance. It became one of Tria’s most designated stations. Meanwhile, Allen took over the company after his father retired in 1992.

All in all, Originally an album-oriented Rock 92 (AOR) format. Above all, WKRR became a classic Rock 92 in the early 1990s About all this. At this present time, Dick Broadcasting sold almost.

After All of its stations to Camulus Media in 2000 As a result. All in all, but WKRR and WKZL retained it. As a wile, However, years later, the licensee’s name still reads About all.

All in all, “Tennessee’s Dick Broadcasting Company.”

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Location: Usa Language: English
 192 E. Lewis St., Greensboro, NC 27406 Asheboro (North Carolina) Phone: 1-800-762-5923

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