The Radio Storm

The Radio Storm is a free-form internet radio station playing Rock, Pop, Christian, and country music from the 60s through today. Their free-form station means that Their DJs play the songs you want, no matter what chart they originated from. You and Their DJs determine the music. The Storm was a digital-only, modern rock music radio station broadcasting in parts of Central and Southern.



it was decided that The Storm was to be replaced with Xfm on most digital radio multiplexes. This move occurred on 23 January 2006. Chill replaced The Storm on digital TV.

An automated service (including a text-to-speech “DJ”) playing the same music format, was left in place on three multiplex areas where Xfm was already broadcast digitally (London, Wolverhampton, and Bristol). This was eventually removed in August 2006 from Bristol and Wolverhampton and from the London multiplex on 27 March 2007. Its frequency was taken over by Premier Christian Radio.

Live broadcasts on The Storm closed down on 20 January 2006 at 2305 GMT. The last track played by presenter Neil Grayson was Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of your Life)”.

Listening to The Storm is a bit like stepping back into time. We not only play your requests and dedications like they used to do back in the day, we also have live DJs who, from time to time, actually play real records! We told you it’s like stepping back into time.

Our studio is located in Louisville, Kentucky USA. We were started by three Alumni of the Kentucky School for the Blind, Angie Mike, and Matt. All three were DJs on the AM and FM versions of the school radio station. Their interest in radio has continued throughout the years and this is the result of their collaboration.

You’ll often hear us talking about freeform internet radio. We believe this to be a way of broadcasting that puts the DJ in charge. The Radio Storm is not controlled by a professional software that tells us what to play and when to play it. We don’t care if a song is currently on the charts or not. We’ll certainly play the latest hits, but we’re not afraid to play something that hasn’t been heard for some time. Our DJs care about you the listener. We have various ways for you to contact us and we will respond. Freeform internet radio also means that we aren’t locked into a certain type of music. We can transition from country to rock in a matter of a few songs. This format creates a station with the best variety of music on the internet. Just look at what’s currently playing and you’ll see what we mean!

radio contact info:

Phone: 502-233-1701


The Radio Storm