Radio Nouvelle Vision FM

Radio Nouvelle Vision FM:

Vision Australia Radio is a network of eight radio stations in Victoria and southern New South Wales owned by Vision Australia. The stations broadcast a range of programs, generally consisting of readings of newspapers and magazines for people unable to read print media. All the stations are operated by a volunteer staff and a small group of dedicated employees.

The Vision Australia Radio Network is headquartered at Kooyong and is licensed as a Community (RPH) Broadcaster to the print handicapped community. This can include people with vision impairment, a physical illness or disability which makes it difficult for them to hold a paper (such as MS or Parkinson’s), people with dyslexia or those who understand spoken but not written English.

Radio is a way to send electromagnetic signals over a long distance, to deliver information from one place to another. A machine that sends radio signals is called a transmitter, while a machine that “picks up” the signals is called a receiver.

Radio Contact Info:

Address: 1464 Leslie street # 2

Phone: 8629026090

Nouvelle Vision FM