WTSB Online Radio

WTSB Online Radio:

At this present time, WTSB is a radio station. Which is Selma licensed by the FCC. To serve the North Carolina community. The station is owned by Truth Broadcasting Corporation.

As a matter of fact, Selma is a small town in North Carolina. Which has been ignored by radio waves. At ths time, to March1, they broadcast 2 hours of WTSB-FM across the United States. After that there, Get a chance to hear them.

All in all, Broadcasting at 101 kHz. So it will reach farther than any other station here before sunset. Anyone should listen to this tune. He should try to listen earlier from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

WTSB Online Radio in addition info:

Because that’s when most vehicles are returning home from work or school. Then you might break someone along Highway 401.

If you don’t eat anything else, don’t eat dinner. Then do what needs to be done.

License by WTSB, FCC. A radio station to serve Selma NC. Own and operate by Truth Broadcasting Corporation.

Those are like Country Classic and Kelsey Ballerini or Carrie Underwood. Likes new artists.

The music selection for them has been carefully made. – so that you are in your favorite genre. You can keep up to date with what’s happening!

With Newsardio format. WTSB is license by the FCC to serve Selma and North Carolina.

Own by Truth Broadcasting Corporation in Guilford County. And has been manage. Their sister station WWGP-AM 1600 with a studio on Main Street in downtown Greensboro next to the 1600.

Which broadcasts at a speed of 45 miles per hour. 12 hours per day on weekdays. And does sports talk shows on weekends throughout the week.

The company has been around since 1991. When it was establish as AM 1280 The Ticket.

And until it settles into today’s popular radio choices. Before changing the format more than once. In addition, Sports talk and country music radio programming.

WTSB is for serving Selma, North Carolina. A radio station license by the FCC.

The population of this city is the programming of the Truth Broadcasting Corporation. Listen with their own home stereo or car speakers!

The population of the city is just under 10,000. And an FM frequency that covers only about half of the city.

So that more customers can be reach if need. Truth Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts WTSB Selma North Carolina. Faith-base talk programming.


The station broadcasts at 89.7 MHz. Which is in America by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Licensed for public broadcast use.

In their company they adhere to that mission statement. It says, “By listening to the radio.

As well as, Encouraging Christians around the country. “There are many confusions available today, such as TV shows, Netflix, etc. The Bible brings clarity when you need answers or wisdom.

WTSB is for serving Selma, North Carolina. A radio station license by the FCC. This 4 mile range is 1000 watts in town. In addition, Owned at 1100 with an effective radiation power (ERP).

And manage; It broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, From Fox News Radio with informative programming using live DJs. Including news updates for those who love America’s first independence.

WTSB Radio – WTSB is from Selma, NC, USA. A broadcast radio station, local news, talk, weather, information. And provides live shows.

This community of 6500+ people who want news for this audience. All in all, Base on the report they can believe.

As well as, Hurricane Irma or school shooting safety measures across America.

Radio Contact info:

 919 934 6789

 4001 US 301S Four Oaks, NC 27524

 [email protected]