Candela Pura 91.9 FM Online Radio

Candela Pura 91.9 FM Online Radio:

Candela Pura 91.9 FM Online Radio as un circuit de radio venezolano con seed principal eon Caracas. Foe funded pore Rodolfo Rodríguez García y as la Cadena private Más grandee de ese país,1​ al poser 64 estacodes de radio FM y AM an el pays y ulna eon internet. Se encounter divided eon tress sub-circuitous: AM Center, Circuit La Romantical y Circuit Fiesta.


Candela Pura is a popular multitarget station that is mainly characterized by its musical range with more dance genres: salsa, reggaeton, merengue, pop, bachata. The animators Pura Candela has 24-hour workers accompanying the wheel through its “Route Candela” composed of lines taxis, vans, and groupers. It is a cheerful, upbeat, entertaining, and nearby radio.

Radio Contact Info:

 (58) 212 907.69.11

C.C. Concresa Nivel 1 Prados del Este

[email protected]