Listen to the VOB 92.9 FM radio playlist

Listen to the VOB 92.9 FM radio playlist

At this present time, VoB 92.9 FM radio communicates directly from Barbados. VOB 92.9 FM is probably the most well-known online radio broadcast in Barbados.

VOB 99.9 FM focuses on the listener’s decision and runs the track. They combine extraordinary solidarity for great letters between. The audience members and them and their audience members.

With everything taken into account, Initially sending as VOB 790 am since 1981 moreover. At this time, Voice Of Barbados has set itself up as the chief News/Talk and Community outlet in the country.

In brief News and Public Affairs structure the foundation at a time. Which many consider being the lead station on River Road. At a time, News announcements view as dependable, adjust, and exact.

VOB 92.9 FM radio in addition info

At this present time, Estab set the pace on the morning of the working day “Today in VOB Country” with Carol Roberts.

As well as, Record by David Ellis, Dennis Johnson, and Peter Wickham. As consistently the most belove arbitrators. At a time, “Down to Brastax” is the most connected to the program to bring to the country.

By all means, Ian “Comes” with Gill shares “Things We Do for Love”. On the radio VOB 92.9 in the early evening of the week.

The concepts of “decent behavior,” “best amateur DJ,” and “expressive interpretations”. At a time, frameworks are encourage by CARE, some “other frauds” by husbands.

At a time, Music and society have a strong environment and provincial flavor. While understanding is practice for the introduction of global.

In addition, material equips towards a more develope crowd. The Voice of Barbados (VOB 92.9) was broadcast in 1971 after the next radio broadcast in Barbados.

Initially, the station was noticing at 700 minutes in the morning. As a complement to the radiation administration. In the late nineties for that. At a time.

When the Voice of Barbados (VOB 92.9 changes to the FM dial all in all. At this present time, the configuration change from 790 AM to Gospel.

When the Gospel design was a move to 97.5 FM, the 790 was left unoccupie.

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Location: Barbados Language: English
Genres: Dancehall, Hip Hop, Hits WebSite: VOB 92.9 FM

VOB 92.9 FM