Radio Farda listen Live for Fm playlist

Radio Farda listen Live for Fm playlist:

Radio Farda is one of the most famous online radio stations in Iran. It broadcasts the latest accurate news, informative discussions, and cultural programs to the viewers of this country.

It has taken a new audience, including a documentary. With an account of “victims of the victims” among participants in the 2009 post-election protests.

The multi-section “Visit” gives profiles of prisoners of conscience in Iran. And “Born in Jail,” the story of a young man born to his parents in an Iranian prison.

The former political prisoner told the radio. That there, prisoners listen to these reports secretly in their cells. All in all, and collect information about their cases.

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In 2007, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) decided to consolidate. Radio Fardar under RFE / RL. Then in July 2006, RFE / RL took over sole responsibility for all FARDA programming.

In 2009 SMS systems, Facebook, and Twitter profiles were launched. Farda’s audience sends thousands of voice, text, and email messages and frequently comments.

On the website and Facebook page. Farda’s Facebook page has over 25,000 friends. Radio Farda Live Web Editor Fred Petrosian has won a Media Award.

Thing Social for an Internet-base project found. With indomitable media to spread awareness. At this time, about bloggers’ rights in Iran and other countries.

Ahmed Rafat, a Farda journalist of Iranian descent. All in all, and now a well-known journalist based in Italy. At this time, has been an honor for more than 30 years.

All in all, working for freedom of the press and exposing human rights abuses. The 2007 Illyria Alpine Award was present to Rafat. At the June 11 event in Risky, Italy, in the Italian chapter of Reporters Without Borders.

The Wall Street Journal’s J. Solomon has publish. A feature story about the challenges facing a growing repressive. The Iranian government and those in Washington want a tougher line on Iran.

Part of the problem he rais was that Radio Farda writers. As well as, were unjustly convict of violations against. The state and spent large sums of money to protect Radio Farda communications.

He told Red Farda in detail about the fine lines, of course, to present himself. As an objective and accurate news source to the audience. At this time, even after congressional funding through. The Broadcasting Board of Governors.

At this time, Immediately, Parnaz Azima, an Iranian-American journalist working for Radio Farda.

Radio Farda Live in addition That there must info rare

After all, it was forbidden to leave Iran after visiting the country. He entered Iran to see his sick mother. He was imprison in May 200 and release in August.

His passport was returned to him on 550,000 bails. According to Christian Science Monitor’s Ison Athensiadis. At this time Prague-base Radio Farda was first “tolerate” by the Islamic Republic.

As oppose to the “Washington-based Voice of America”. ​​And “has had regular talks with Iranian government officials.”

At this time, Nevertheless, in February 2010. The Public Relations Office of the Intelligence Ministry announced. That there, seven columnists had been describing.

As well as “elements of the traditional Theosophical Zionist Satellite Center” and “official donors” to the U.S. Insights Office.

They were later identifie for working for US-funded Radio Farda. Radio Farda director Armand Mostofi told CNN that it had no staff inside Iran.

This time, Radio Farda was established in 2003. As a joint venture between RFE / RL and Voice of America (VOA). 

In 2007, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) decided to consolidate Radio Fardar under RFE / RL. At that time, on July 200, RFE / RL alone took control of the duty.

All issues considere, all Radio Farda accountable for programming. In 2009, the Radio Forder SMS system for Facebook and Twitter profiles was launch.

Farda’s listeners often send thousands of voice, text, and email messages. And comments to websites and Facebook pages. Radio Farda has more than 25,000 friends on its Facebook page.

After two weeks of massive protests during Iran’s June 12 election. Iranian election authorities severely restrict the broadcast of RFE / RL’s Persian service.

According to Freedom House’s “Press of 2009 Press 2009” report. Iran ranks 155th by 1955.

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While Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Tajikistan are among the world. Most prominent media outlets.

In the wake of the far-reaching open war after the official political race in June. The Iranian government took firm steps to control.

The Internet administration and various electronic communications broadcasts from Radio Farda, illegal. Radio Farda web editor Fred Petrosian has receive.

At this time, a media award for an Internet-based initiative from. Above all, Thing Social seeks to make bloggers aware of the benefits of unarmed media in Iran and other countries.

Ahmed Rafat, a journalist with Radio Farda of Iranian descent. Meanwhile, and now living in Italy, has been honore for his work for more than 30 years.

All is well, supporting press freedom and reporting human rights abuses. The 2007 Illyria Alpine Award was presented to Rafat. At the June 11 event in Risky, Italy, in the Italian chapter of Reporters Without Borders.


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Radio Information:

Location: Iran

Language: Persian

Genres: Talk, Traditional music

Website:  www.radiofarda.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRadiofarda

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/radio.farda/

Source: Wikipedia

Radio Farda live, live broadcasting from Iran. Radio Farda broadcast various kind of latest accurate news, informed discussion, and cultural programming