Heartbeat 88 FM

Heartbeat 88 FM

Heartbeat 88 FM live broadcasting from Dublin, Ireland. Heartbeat 88 FM is one of the most famous online radio station on Ireland. Heartbeat 88 FM broadcast various kind of latest hip-hop, classic, dance, electronic etc. music.

History of Heartbeat 88 FM

Heartbeat Radio was founded by Tony O’Hara in 1986. Tony was no stranger to the Dublin radio scene having worked at Radio City on Dublin’s Capel Street until the studios were destroyed by fire in 1983. Over the next three years, Tony silently worked on his pet project, a Love Song radio station for Dublin.

Initial test broadcasts were heard across Dublin in November and December 1986 on 95.5 MHz Dublin’s love song station officially opened on Saint Valentines 1987 with this short announcement “on 95.5fm, this is Heartbeat at 12midday”. The station became an instant hit with the female population of the city most especially with Dublin housewives.

Many of today’s radio personalities started their radio careers at Heartbeat. Early presenters like John Keogh, Sean Ferguson, Dave Baker, Bernard Evans and Tony O’Hara were later joined by presenters such as Maurice Nevin, Mike Williams, Gerry Clancy, Bobby Howard, Robin Winters, Glen Glyn, Donna Stewart, Trevor Leonard, Ian Turner, Tracey Evans and Chris Martin.

Over the next ten months, Heartbeat continued its format of non stop love songs, however, a change of direction was on the horizon.

Radio Information:

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Language: English

Genres: Love Songs

Web Site:  http://heartbeatfm.net/