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On July 9, 1950, the business permission to work. As a subsidiary of the British Redfusion. Group was a problem for Radio Jamaica and the Redfusion Network.

RJR 94 FM Jamaica and the Redfusion Network Information:

At first only four medium waves, signals. The present time Transmission locals broadcast all over the island. Although this may be true Cable radio support was establish in 1951 from a focal telecom station.

 Transmissions were transmit in radiation speaker boxes. As a matter of fact, For which endorsers paid three pens per day to expand. The RJR’s approximately 200 broadcast listener base.

Redfusion speakers at police headquarters, retail locations, and schools. Jamaica became the first British province in the Caribbean when the RJR 94 FM.

Especially at the same time, The use of innovation. At the present time, Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation was establish in 1959. As a public telecom enterprise run by government authorities.

Until then, RJR’s operating body was name Radio Jamaica Limit. What’s more, the company began proposing the constant music administration three years after the incident.

In 1962, RJR 94 FM similarly introduced the “MusePage” which introduce a lively melodic exhibition Studio.

In 1968, when portable radio transmissions. Were made and speaker administration was suspend. Radio fusion became obsolete. The Jamaican government acquired the station. 

A British RJR 94 FM redo fusion group in the 1930s and snatched its profits through a stock deal. To encourage the association and the people to turn RJR into a fully Jamaican-owned organization.

At the present time, it is seen that later a music playing station was established in 1972 and RJR94 FM expanded all the way. But again in 1984, the third station added equally important fame RJR 94 FM.

At the present time, In 1990, Simulcast Broadcasting was create to expand programming to commemorate live programming for public events.


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