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Radijo Stotis Lietus:

Lithuanian composer Radijo Stotis is well known throughout the world for his classical musical compositions, such as Vilimicheska (Vilimicheska), which won the piano competition at the 53rd annual Academy Awards. It was also his recording of The Anonymous Romance, which was also a major breakthrough. In 2021, he received the Order of merit from the Academy of Arts and Sciences for his contribution to the field of Lithuanian literature. Apart from that, he composed several other popular songs and music for which he is justly renowned. One of these is his song Golden Skates (Kalisz and zloty), which have become very popular with audiences all over the world.
Another popular song from Radijo Stotis Lietus is Agita (Ida). It’s a ballad, which won the first best-commissioned piano composition prize at the Moulin Rouge in London. This is definitely an outstanding work of art and it features two original melodies. Other songs from his catalog include Laplacians (also Laplacian romantical) and Zodchatushaju. All of these songs have been used in different versions and have become quite popular all over the world.
Radijo Stotis was a very famous singer in his day and his reputation increased even more when Vilimicheska became a film starring Lithuanian actor Pontus Winnickauskas. Others who also gained popularity include Arcadia Klonsky, Rizzared Grannis, Millikin Jurevska, Teodora Soumiourlis, Be Zhukov, Smit Plesk ova and Grigori Godowsky. All of these people had great singing abilities and this is evident from the fact that they are all remembered for their popular songs. Other songs from their catalog that are not so popular are Hochiki Teletrachelims (The Queen), Vilimicheska (rhapsody of Youth) and Doboslogitate Teletrachelims (The Queen – Theme). There are also some which are not familiar to many people, such as Lap said Hochiki and Ilda’s Rocla.

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