Ziniu Radijas

Ziniu Radijas

Ziniu Radijas is a radio station that broadcasts fm program via the global Internet network from Lithuania. Listeners can listen News, Talk shows anywhere there’s internet access. Ziniu Radijas broadcasts their program with mid range equipment which ensures optimum sound quality and 99% continuous operation.

Lithuanian folk music belongs to Baltic music branch which is connected with neolithic corded ware culture. In Lithuanian territory meets two musical cultures: stringed (kanklių) and wind instrument cultures. These instrumental cultures probably formed vocal traditions. Lithuanian folk music is archaic, mostly used for ritual purposes, containing elements of paganism faith.Sutartinės (from the word sutarti—to be in concordance, in agreement, singular sutartinė) are highly unique examples of folk music. They are an ancient form of two and three voiced polyphony, based on the oldest principles of multivoiced vocal music: heterophony, parallelism, canon and free imitation. Most of the sutartinės’ repertoire was recorded in the 19th and 20th centuries, but sources from the 16th century on show that they were significant along with monophonic songs. At present the sutartinės have almost become extinct as a genre among the population, but they are fostered by many Lithuanian folklore ensembles.

Radio Information:

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Language: English

Genres: News, Pop, Talk, Various

Web Site: www.ziniur.lt