WGDL 1200 AM

WGDL 1200 AM

WGDL 1200 AM (Radio Grito de Lares) is a radio station that broadcasts a news and music format.

WGDL “The Best AM”, is in the City of Lares, since September 23, 1986 and is operated by Lares Boradcasting Corporation. Its frequency 1200 AM is with a power of 1,000 watts in all directions. It has a varied program of Regional and National News linked to our sister station Radio Isla.

In this radio station he creates programs of religious, cultural and political interest for his listeners. For years, WGDL has been the official broadcaster of the National Guinean Festival, Patriotas de Lares, Fiestas de Pueblo and other activities.

Radio Information:

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico Language: Spanish
Genres: Music, Hits WebSite: =====