Radio puerto rico X61 patillas online

Radio puerto rico X61 patillas online

Radio Puerto Rico X61 is a radio station in Puerto Rico. About all this, That has been broadcasting for over 30 years. The radio station played a vital role in the lives of many people.

Who lived through Hurricane Maria and continues to be an important voice for them. As they try to rebuild their homes, communities, and lives.

After that there, An article from the Washington Post, “Radio Puerto Rico X61” discusses. How radio broadcasts are a lifeline for many in Puerto Rico. The article gives an example of one man.

Radio puerto rico X61 patillas online in addititon info

Who was able to contact his family because of the radio broadcast. In this way, it is clear that the power of radio has been instrumental in helping.

Those on the island stay connected With their loved ones. With the help of friends and family. They are able to find hope amidst a disaster. As they rebuild after Hurricane Maria’s devastation.

The radio station is one of the few that are still alive on the island. Meanwhile, And they have been broadcasting since 1947. They broadcast a variety of music genres.

As well as news and sports updates. At this time, helping to keep people connected.

With each other in times of crisis. It also serves as a link to mainland USA for those. All in all, Who has relocated there during this time period? It is our hope that we can continue to provide some type of comfort.

Or at least light entertainment to the people in this difficult time. Our broadcasts on Radio Puerto Rico X61 FM!

Above all, In fact, The radio station, Radio Puerto Rico X61 is the most popular station in Puerto Rico. Its slogan is “la Moda de la Familia”. At this time, They are a family-friendly outlet.

Listeners enjoy their variety of music. That can be heard on their airwaves 24 hours a day.

Radio Puerto Rico X61 provides listeners with news, sports, weather updates. At this point, About all this, And more to keep them informed on what’s happening around them and how it affects their lives.


The blog post will introduce readers to radio station X61. A new Puerto Rican radio station that has been broadcasting in the past year.

The owner of the station, Ramón Cruz-Díaz, is bringing back a medium. As well as, That has been lost in recent years and giving people an opportunity to listen to music.

And talk shows they would otherwise not be able to tune into. The goal of this blog post is for readers who are interested in learning more.

About one way Puerto Ricans keep up with their culture even while living. On the mainland. It also provides information about how listeners can tune in and hear messages from home.

Without having to get their hands on shortwave radio. Or satellite dish as was necessary before these stations were created.

Radio contact Information:

Location: Puerto Rico

Language: English

Genres: Hits

Web Site: www.x61radio.com

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