Bolton FM

Bolton FM broadcasts a diverse range of locally and nationally produced programs, both music, and spoken word, in hi fi stereo. Bolton FM broadcasters believe in providing real music variety, so listeners can enjoy a vast cataloger of known and unknown tracks, from Country to Dance, Hip-Hop to Classical, Jazz to Alternative, Rock to Folk, Blues to Ethnic, and much more.uk


Bolton FM is a multi-award-winning non-profit community radio station brought to you by more than one hundred local people every week. We broadcast 24hrs a day from our studios located at the Bolton Market on Ashburner Street in the heart of Bolton town centre. We encourage new, unique and innovative radio with a relevant and local feel. All of our shows are produced and presented by volunteers and we offer our town an exclusively local radio service that promotes local events and focuses on local news and sport. We welcome input from local sports teams and voluntary groups.

Radio contact info

Phone: 01204 375408

Email: [email protected]

Radio Information:

Location: Bolton, UK

Language: English

Genres: Bolton, News, Talk, Pop

Web Site: www.boltonfm.com